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Wholesale Opportunities

When you are looking for a supplier there are a few things that you want. Quality product but also the best in customer service. We at Woodington's have both in mind when it comes to your success. Applying for wholesale opportunities to carry any of our brand(s) is not only putting you on the path to success, but we have already done the hard work for you. 

Third Party Platforms

Woodington's has already launched our brands on all major marketing platforms including: Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Bonanza. If you sell on any of these platforms, rest assured our product is already set up for you to simply sell. While we do not allow every single wholesale customer to use a certain platform without permission, you must apply to sell our product on sites such as Amazon. 

All customers using a third-party platform to sell our branded merchandise must follow a strict MAP policy. A MAP policy is a set price in which our product cannot go below. This policy is strictly enforced and allows our brand to flourish without ending up on dollar store shelves. To sell branded merchandise on another marketplace platform but your own, please indicate this in your wholesaler application. We have already set you up for success on these platforms with SEO ranking in place and customer reviews already entered by our loyal clients, you're assured that our product will be key to your success. 

Selling on Your Website

Not only do we offer our product already on a third-party platform, but with our fast shipping options, we can have an order to your customer within 2-days. Take advantage of our partnership with Amazon Prime and Amazon Business to offer your drop ship customers or even wholesale purchases a very quick delivery timeframe. Not only can you purchase directly in the wholesale centre but also login to your Amazon Business account to redeem wholesale pricing on our entire product line.

All orders if you have an Amazon Prime account are eligible for two-day delivery. While we charge a higher fee on Amazon Business for wholesale pricing, this option is worth the cost of speedy delivery and fast handling. Simply enter a drop ship order through your Amazon Business account, and let Amazon fulfill the drop ship with the two-day delivery option.

Not an Amazon Business customer? No problem! You may still purchase through your wholesaler account directly on our website. Wholesale pricing on our website has the option to either ship-to-store or drop ship to your customers. We do not charge a drop ship fee. 

Let's Get Started

With no annual fee or drop ship fees, its even easier to apply for wholesale membership with us. Also, no need for EINs or business licenses if you're opting to pay sales tax for independent sellers. We work with all of our clients to ensure your business is successful no matter what. To get started click on the apply now option below to be redirected to our wholesale application. Need help? Dial 1-888-296-2674 for assistance.